Group Experience Days

Different to our main Group Learning Sessions, our Pumpkie Pie Group Experience Days are longer (typically 4-5 hours) and will be a fully immersive experience into the topic we are exploring. Examples include a look into Medieval History as part of ‘Tudor Day’ where the children get to dress up in costumes of the period, role play characters, make/eat a delicious dish from the time…and all while they learn about the subject in a fun and memorable way.

Experience Days will be limited to groups of no-more than 20 children, and these will be for ages 4-8 and 9-13. Parent participation is always encouraged here at Pumpkin Pie and you are welcome to get involved and enjoy the experience too! For children aged 4 to 8 we do insist that the parent or carer stays for the duration of the session. Children aged 9+ can be left for the day, if you feel this is right for them.

Our Group Experience Days are less regular than our weekly Group Learning Sessions – please see below for our upcoming dates or keep up to date on Facebook and Instagram to see when we’ve got one coming up…

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