Group Experience Days

Different to our main Group Learning Sessions, our Pumpkie Pie Group Experience Days are longer (typically 4-5 hours) and are fully immersive experiences into the topic we are exploring. Examples include a look into Medieval History as part of ‘Tudor Day’ where the children get to dress up in costumes of the period, role play characters, make/eat a delicious dish from the time…and all while they learn about the subject in a fun and memorable way.

Experience Days will be limited to small groups. Parent participation is always encouraged here at Pumpkin Pie and you are welcome to get involved and enjoy the experience too! For children aged 4 to 8 we do insist that the parent or carer stays for the duration of the session. Children aged 9+ can be left for the day, if you feel this is right for them.

Prices for our Group Experience Days vary as it depends on the location and the plan for the day.

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