Thrive Licensed Practitioner

Our Pumpkin Pie Lead Teacher and Creative Learning Consultant, Ryan Hill is also a Thrive Licensed Practitioner. He is one of only a handful of individuals in the UK, licensed to practice the Thrive Approach outside of a school setting with children aged from 4 to 18.

The Thrive Approach is about developing emotional resilience in children. It places well-being at the centre of the learning, enabling to truly thrive – both emotionally and academically.

As a Thrive Licensed Practitioner Ryan Hill is equipped with the knowledge, tools and techniques to:

  • Recognise if your child has gaps in their social and emotional development
  • Create a detailed, age-appropriate Thrive Action Plan to support the family and (if relevant) the school
  • Develop strategies to reduce anxiety and boost resilience, trust and a willingness to learn

The initial Thrive Assessment Session is with you, the parent/carer. Here you can have an open and honest discussion about your concerns for your child’s emotional development without them present. Typically, the session will take about an hour and together with Ryan you will complete the Thrive assessment process. The fee includes a detailed Thrive Action Plan for the family and for the school (if relevant). From here there is the option for you to meet with Ryan again for follow-up assessments (every 8 weeks if required). This enables the Thrive Action Plan to be updated to reflect your child’s progression since the previous assessment.

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