Feedback from Parents

Here is just a small selection of the feedback we’ve received from the parents and carers of some of the children that have attended Pumpkin Pie Creative Learning group sessions…

“Ryan is fun, really engaging and has some brilliant ideas…the variety of activities on offer was great and not only kept the kids interested but also inspired them to do their own maths lessons with each other! The natural environment provided the kids with a really engaging learning environment and brilliant samples for looking at under the microscope too.”

“This looks brilliant – I’d have loved to join in. Making memories which will last forever – creative learning.”

“My daughter talked non-stop about this all the way home! Really amazing way to learn.”

“What a fabulous experience – well done everyone!”

“This is brilliant!!! She had the best time!”

“I would have LOVED this lesson as a child.”

“Simply wonderful. The skills learned with you will serve them throughout their lives…most especially the open-minded problem solving.”

“I don’t think I’ve seen her so excited about something! She kept on saying how much she liked certain maps!”

“Love the pics such fun and lovely way to learn.”

“Just love everything about this. Well done everyone.”

“What wonderful home schooling.”

“Wonderful! Well done Ryan. You are the best!”

“Thank you for another wonderful session – the highlight of our weeks at the moment!”

“This is amazing – what a fantastic experience and there is no better way to learn.”

“What a wonderful opportunity to learn so much, in an exciting and unique environment.”

“This is what creative learning looks like.”

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  • Pumpkin Pie Creative Learning-elements of fire
  • Pumpkin Pie Creative Learning-the language of colour
  • PumpkinPie Creative Learning-Anglo Saxon House Building
  • Pumpkin Pie Creative Learning-Spinning Yarn