One-to-One Tutoring

In addition to our group learning sessions and group experience days, Pumpkin Pie also delivers one-to-one tutoring sessions for children of all ages and abilities. Tailored to the specific needs of your child, we develop bespoke creative sessions to bring learning alive in a variety of subjects across the curriculum.

Your child will learn through playfulness and curiosity – it can be in your home and garden, here at Pumpkin Pie, or in a local outdoor setting. Pumpkin Pie Creative Learning sessions engage children with a light-hearted approach and an informal teaching style. Learning in this way is known to help children (and adults) learn and remember their learning, up to 50 times faster than traditional, classroom-based education.

Whether your child is being home schooled, they have a learning need that their school is unable to meet currently, or you feel they need some additional support outside of the school setting, Pumpkin Pie Creative Learning is here to help.

  • Pumpkin Pie Creative Learning-Design+Technology Lesson
  • Pumpkin Pie Creative Learning-MediterraneanMaths