Home schooling your child and looking for local, high quality, creative learning sessions?

We deliver fun, creative, group learning sessions and experience days in Cornwall and Devon, where your child will learn through playfulness and curiosity, often in an outdoor setting. These learning sessions engage children with a light-hearted approach and an informal style. Learning in this way is known to help children (and adults) learn, and remember their learning, up to 50 times faster than traditional, classroom-based education!

Our Pumpkin Pie Creative Learning techniques include learning tricky facts through unique, catchy and specifically composed, silly songs; using a variety of art mediums to help remember information that won’t ‘stick’ (e.g. spellings, grammar etc); getting muddy and using sticks to calculate maths problems; getting involved in drama or play to improve writing; being hands-on with animals and food to understand science processes…the list is endless! We also provide innovative online group sessions aiming to help children achieve their goals and offer support through similar, online-friendly, creative methods.

Our ethos is based on the principles of ‘PACE’ – Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (Daniel Hughs Ph.D) with sessions designed for children from ages 4 to 14 including Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Here at Pumpkin Pie we’re all about Creative Learning and…

  • ‘Play’ with purpose
  • Opening the door to outside learning
  • Self-expression and development through creative arts
  • Learning from the natural world around us
  • Visual, aural, oral and kinaesthetic approaches
  • PumpkinPie-outside learning
  • Pumpkin Pie Creative Learning-learning with animals
  • PumpkinPie Creative Learning-Anglo Saxon House Building